How to log in with the character I've created on a mobile device from my PC?

On the PC, there are 4 ways for you to log in, including: phone number, email address, Facebook account, and Google account. If you have already created a character that is bound to your account, you can log in with this character directly using your PC. If you want to bind your account, please perform the following actions on an Android device first.

Step 1: Tap your avatar in the upper left-hand corner and go to CHIEF PROFILE. Then tap SETTINGS in the lower right-hand corner to bring up the menu.

Step 2: Tap Account in the menu, and enter the account management page, then tap BIND ACCOUNT.

Step 3: There are 3 ways to bind your third-party account, including: FunPlus, Facebook, and Google,. As for FunPlus, you can use either your phone number or your email address to bind your account. Tap one of them to bind your character, then you can log in via your PC.

Phone Number Binding and Email Address Binding

1. To bind your account with a phone number or an email address, you need to use a FunPlus account. Tap FunPlus first, then tap BIND to enter the FunPlus account management page. By default, the email address binding will appear first. Tap the mobile phone icon below, then you can switch it to the mobile phone number binding process.

2. After you enter your email address or phone number, tap the Send button. After receiving the verification code by email or SMS, enter it to bind your account.

3. After finishing the binding, you can use this phone number or email address to log in on your PC.