king of avalon




Used to be the leader of the knights. When attacked by the Unmelted, he fought bravely to buy time for others. Through many trials and tribulations, he still adhered to chivalry.

King Arthur's Soul

The original King of Avalon and owner of Excalibur. He led the Knights of the Round Table and brought peace to the land, until he was killed by the wicked sorceress Morgana.


Arthur’s most beloved companion and the most storied of all Knights of the Round Table. None have distinguished themselves more in combat, and none better embody the virtues of a true knight.

Hua Mulan

A mysterious hero who was accidentally summoned from a land far to the east came by Merlin’s magic. In her previous life, she took her father’s place in the army and led them to victory, all while hiding her true nature as a woman.

Evaine the Bestower

The kindest sorceress in the land, Evaine has dedicated her life to healing all who need her magical touch and aiding any Lord who protects peace in the Kingdom.


Game Display

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King Arthur fell in battle. His body lies in a fortress on the sacred Isle of Avalon next to his powerful sword, Excalibur.

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