Rural Buildings


------------Author: Yseulte the Brave------------

------------What are Rural Buildings?------------

Rural buildings are those which are outside of your Strongholds Wall. There are 6 different types of buildings which can go here and you are able to have more than 1 Rural Building.

The different types are Farms, Sawmills, Iron Mine, Silver Mine, Hospitals, Military Tents. Each of these will play an important role.

Farms are your source of Food. Sawmills are your source of Wood. These are unlocked at the start of the game. Iron Mines are your source of Iron, unlocked at Stronghold Level 10 and Silver Mines are your source of Silver, unlocked at Stronghold Level 15.

Military Tents are unlocked at Stronghold Level 2. These will increase how many troops can be trained at once along with speeding up your training speed.

Hospitals are unlocked at Stronghold Level 4 and increase how many troops you can have in your hospital.

------------How many of each building can I have?------------

From Stronghold 26 you can have 10 of each rural building. However, there is only a maximum of 45 slots available.

------------Unlocking more areas:------------

More areas, each containing 5 additional plots can be unlocked at Stronghold Levels 2, 5, 10 and 15.

Additional single plots can be unlocked using Master Axes. The cost of the plots increases from 100 Axes to a maximum of 10,000 Axes.

------------Top Tips------------

Collect your resources from your resource buildings regularly! Your buildings can only hold approx 9-10 hours worth of resources!

Uncollected resources can be plundered.