PVP for beginners


------------Author: Dreamer of Worlds------------

When attacking other lords first thing to do is to scout, check stats and what troops they have. Then focus on setting the right formation for the attack. Adjusting them every attack is better than using only one formation. For a great formation, the main focus is the march capacity and the tiers available. Every tier has its strong and weaker points. Start the formation by sending small amounts of the lower level tiers and get bigger amounts for the higher tiers. More cavalry and bowmen are better but don't leave out infantry because they absorb most of the damage, while sieges are good for destroying the traps of the enemy stronghold. Most of the time send 30%/40% infantry, then bowmen 40%/45% then cavalry 15%/25% of your march capacity. Choosing to send more bowman or cavalry depends on the stats you have better and the scout report from the enemy.

When attacking or defending using the temporary boost can add more to the current stats. By going inside your city buffs you can add 10%, 20% and 25% for attacking and defending. But always keep in mind that these are only temporary boosts.

There is always a way to stay safe and protect your troops and your gathered resources, using a shield. You can activate a shield for 2 hours, 8 hours and 24 hours. When you have a shield you can't be attacked or scouted.