Dragon and how to train it


------------Author: Hero of Dominions------------

The dragon is a most important part of this game. It is essential to understand the many aspects to your dragon to get the most out of it.

As you play you earn EXP through most playing activities. These can be used to upgrade your dragon level. As your dragon increases more options become available, such as dragon skills. There are two types (Assault and Guardian) and four categories of skills (Attack, Defense, Gathering and Monster). Dragon skills assigned to a category will only benefit that activity.

To assign a skill, select the Dragon Lair, then dragon skills and then assign skills. If you want to remove an assigned skill, select it and click remove. Dragon skills can be enhanced to level 31.

Dragon skills can also be enhanced using intensity crystals. Each enhancement adds a star and requires 10 crystals from the current level. You can Synthesize 8 intensity crystals to produce a crystal one level higher.

In the Dragon Lair you can see information about your dragon’s character. When it is at home you can change its character, focusing more on gathering, or attack, or leaving it balanced.

Emblems can also be assigned to dragon skill. These provide extra boosts for the category it is placed.

Tip: Lucky shot can be used to get the items needed to strengthen your dragon.