The Forge and Equipment


------------Author: Joanette the Reliable------------

Gear is very important to the growth of your Lord and the Forge building in your stronghold is the location where you can enhance, dismantle, and even swap gear.

There are many types of the gear available from combat and economy to development; each available in different qualities from basic gray to gold.

To forge, tap on the Blacksmith section and select your scroll. Then tap either the gold or forge button to begin.

Enhancing gear you have forged will help increase it’s base stats. Select the Enhance option on your Forge building to see what gear can be Enhanced. If you have the materials available, the Enhance button will appear.

When the time comes to make better gear, tap your Forge, then Armory, and finally the Equipment tab. Here you have the option to Replace, Remove, and Dismantle. Replace/Remove allow you to equip/take off your gear. Tapping Dismantle once will show you the material and gem return. Only by tapping Dismantle a second time will the gear be destroyed.

Upgrading your Forge and the Justice King title will reduce the forging time and steel consumption when forging. You can also window shop under Blacksmith to see all the gear available.