Amazon Summer Outdoor Special available!


To embrace the coming summer, we've prepared the Amazon Summer Outdoor Special. In addition to the in-game items, you will receive a $15 Outdoor Credit on for free! This means you will get $15 off when you buy any goodies in the "Outdoor" category from!

How to Join:

1. Purchase the “Amazon Summer Outdoor Special” in the package interface;

2. Once purchased, you will receive a System Mail message; this message will have further instructions on how to redeem your rewards, and provide you with the link to redeem everything;

3. Use the link to get your reward from


1. Due to Amazon's local store policy, this event is only available in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Australia, Spain, and Japan;

2. Redeemed Catalog Credits (Outdoor) from Amazon may vary from region to region: United States - 15 USD, UK - 15 GBP, EU countries - 15 EUR, Australia - 20 AUD, Canada - 20 CAD, Japan - 2000 JPY;

3. Please notice, ONE game account can ONLY redeem ONE gift. If you purchase the pack multiple times, you will get the corresponding in-game items WITHOUT additional Amazon gifts.

* The event is time-limited and quantity-limited. Please check the countdown in the package interface, and keep in mind that only limited amount of toys are available;

* If you have any other questions, please contact Customer Service by tapping on the billboard inside of your city.

* Kings Group reserves the right to change the terms of this event at any time, for any reason. Kings Group has the final say in all decisions related to the outcome of this event.

The event has begun already, don’t miss the great opportunity!