Hospital & Sanctum


------------Author: Qirhen the Mysterious One------------

There are four types of hospitals; city, alliance, kingdom, and the sanctum. All of these store wounded troops.

City hospitals are important. Upgrade them to increase capacity. The treatment of wounded troops costs half the time and resources needed to train new troops. University research and Talent Points also increase Wounded Capacity and Healing Speed.

Tip: Keep a large wounded Capacity to hold more troops.

Once city hospitals are full, troops go to the Alliance hospital. When you leave an alliance, or an Alliance Hospital is destroyed, any wounded troops in this hospital die.

Tip: Keep alliance honor points on hand. Healing troops in the alliance hospital requires these points.

The kingdom hospital is used during special events like firelands or kvk.

Tip: The Kingdom Hospital allows an unlimited number of troops. You do not need resources to heal, and healing time is reduced significantly.

The Sanctum helps those who take hits during KVK or KE events. Under certain circumstances, troops become wounded instead of being killed. First these wounded will fill your own hospitals, then the alliance hospital, and then a percentage go to the Sanctum.

Tip: Sanctum Capacity is based upon your personal hospital capacity.

The wounded in the Sanctum will become souls to be revived using Ambrosia. Ambrosia is acquired via gathering and harvesting resource production buildings once souls are present. Sanctum capacity is related to your hospital capacity.

Tip: Sanctum boosts can save a max of 90% of dead troops, after hospitals are filled with wounded.

VIP 10 adds 10%

Subscription adds 10%

The tier of troops your stronghold unlocks determines base Ambrosia collection speed.