------------Author: Yseulte the Brave------------

------------What is the University?------------

University will help you increase various stats through ‘Research’. You will need to be at least Stronghold 4 to build it. Once you have built it you will notice there are SIX different categories you can research.

------------Why is Research Important?------------

Research will help increase your stats. If you are an offensive player who likes to attack others regularly, ensuring you have good COMBAT research is important.

------------What is required for research?------------

Depending on the level of research, you will use all 4 resources. The higher the research the more resources are required.

------------Research Types------------

Development research will help you increase training, construction and research speeds as well as helping troop recovery with Wounded Conversion & Hospital Capacity.

Economy Research will help resource production and gathering speeds.

Combat & Combat II will help increase your Combat Effectiveness of all four troop types, increase your March Capacity and open up more March Slots. It is important to know that Combat II research is not possible until your University is Level 26.

Defense research focuses on City Defenses and Traps.

Dragon Spirit research will help you develop and increase the effectiveness of your Dragon Spirit in the Forbidden Labyrinth.

------------Top Tips------------

If you would like to make research cheaper, you can purchase Wisdom Gems or Knowledge Gems. Wisdom Gems can be upgraded from Level 1 to 3, whereas Knowledge Gems cannot be upgraded.