Marketplace and Black Market


------------Author: The Eternal History Grower------------

------------Where is the Marketplace/Black Market Located?------------

They are in the same building just inside the city wall, just to the right of the Vault.


The Marketplace offers trades for resources or gold, and in return you get resources, materials or items. Each day you can do three free refreshes of the offers on hand. If you want more refreshes, you pay increasing gold amounts.

*TIP: Pay close attention to “Premium” trades as they often have very good trade value and can be worthwhile items such as Advanced Teleports.

------------Black Market------------

In the Black Market you can bid on items like the Auction House, but here the bids are hidden. After the timer is over, the winner receives their item and those who fail will receive their bids back (minus 10 gold per bid).

There are many items listed here. Since there is no fixed price, you can bid what you'd like and sometimes get high value items at a very low price!

*TIP: Clicking on the timer icon to the left of the “Special Auction” button to show recent sale info, which can give you a decent idea of what to expect when bidding!