How to Become a Moderator


------------Author: Samm the Outsider------------

The role of a moderator is to guide and assist players.

Benefits of being a mod include; in game rewards, exclusive information, and direct contact with the studio.

To become a mod, simply go to mail then contact mod, select become a mod. You may also tap your profile picture, select settings, game help then contact mod. You will fill out an application and take a brief test.

The test is divided into 3 parts, personal information, game knowledge and community skills.

On the Kings hand page, you will answer some questions then Submit when you are done answering all the questions. If you do not receive any communication from King of Avalon within 2 weeks then you were not successful, but don’t give up keep on trying.

For those who are selected to become mods, they will receive an email with further instructions from King of Avalon to the email address they provided

Having a good basic knowledge of the game and its events, along with good communication skills will really help.