Resources and How to Collect Them


------------Author: Joanette the Reliable------------

Resource tiles can be built in your stronghold or gathered throughout the kingdom. Any resource you collect via tiles is added to your open resource interface at the top of your screen. You can increase the yield of these via gear, research, lord talents, and applying boosts.

Tiles inside your stronghold can be upgraded to increase their production and storage capacity. Tiles outside your castle are gathered by a march of troops and have a limit that can be collected based on their level. In addition each alliance can place one type of resource building for collection from all.

Production stats are for tiles inside your stronghold whereas gathering speed, march capacity, and troop load stats are used for tiles outside your stronghold. Your dragon skills can also increase these stats when sent with a troop march to gather at a tile or your alliance’s resource building.

You can also acquire resource items through various events, monsters, barbarians, and loot stores. These items are stored in your inventory for future use

The Undead Trader unlocks at Stronghold 10 and Magic Spire at Stronghold 16. Both can provide resource items in exchange for the currency you receive by progressing through each.