Alliance Trade Feature


------------Author: Dreamer of Worlds------------

The Trading Post allows you to trade resources (food, wood, iron, and silver) with other alliance members. From the Trading Post you can request a trade for an amount of resources. Trading capacity depends of your trading post level; the higher the level, the more you can trade. The Fortune and the Abundance gear set can increase trading capacity. There is a trade fee which is lowered by upgrading your Trading Post.

The Goods Exchange is an extension of the Trading Post building. It allows you to trade selected items with your alliance members. The Goods Exchange feature is found in the Trading Post and in the Alliance menu. Here you can either use the Send Request button to request items or click on one of the Requests of one of your alliance members to donate.

When sending a Request, an interface opens where you can select from six categories of goods. Of the selected type, you can request up to certain amount based on the points the item is worth. In my main account, for example, I have a maximum of 2,000,000 points per day. When VIP 6 is activated, the point limit is doubled.