Heroes of the Parliament


------------Author: Samm the Outsider------------

The Hero Council building has the Summoning circle, Hero Roster and Hero Council.

------------Summoning circle------------

This is where you can get Heroes. There are three levels of summoning:

Apprentice - Regular green heroes and fragments

Advanced - Blue heroes and fragments

Master - Epic heroes, but summoning horns are needed

NOTE: To unlock Master summoning, you need to make a purchase (Deals of the Day do not count).

------------Hero Roster------------

Here you can level up your Heroes by using Hero XP.

You can also upgrade your Heroes’ Prowess level using Fragments and merge Fragments to make a complete Hero.

When you select a role on the right, it will display every Hero available under that category.

------------Hero Council------------

This is where you appoint, dismiss, or replace your Heroes. Only complete Heroes can be appointed.

------------Level and Prowess------------


The higher the level of your Hero, the better the primary benefits of the Hero become.


Prowess is the number of stars the Hero has. It is upgraded by using Hero Fragments. There are multiple levels of Prowess benefits.

------------Where to get Hero XP and Summoning Horns:------------

Barbarian chests

Spirit ceremonies

Merlin’s gift

Merlin’s Trial shop

Purchasing Packages