How to contact Customer Service?


Dear player, if you encounter any problem in the game, please contact the in-game Customer Service. We will try to solve your problems as soon as possible.

You can contact Customer Service via the following two channels:

1. Click the "Help & Support" panel and then tap "CONTACT SUPPORT".

2. Click your avatar - The gear icon in the lower left corner - Game Help - CONTACT SUPPORT

In the CONTACT SUPPORT interface, please select and click on your question type so that developers can quickly locate your problem. When you receive the "Click here" prompt, please click and fill in your information in the form. The information with a red asterisk is required, and the information without a red asterisk is optional. Click Submit when finished. The customer service staff will promptly process and contact after receiving your questions.

After submitting the form, “Contact Us” will appear in the upper right corner of your customer service interface. Click to view your questions and customer service responses.

When you receive a response from the customer service, the Help & Support panel of the game interface will prompt “You have unread messages from the Customer Service”.


1. Please ensure that the content you fill out is as real and effective as possible so that problems can be solved quickly.

2. If you want to ask questions about the content of the game, you can click on the FAQ to find the relevant questions, or directly enter keywords in the Customer Service interface, such as "NETHER WAR".

3. When you encounter problems, asking your allies or mods for help might also be a good choice!