Demonic Siege Event


------------Author: Rosemond of the West------------


The Event can be activated by R4 and R5 in the Event Center.

After each reset, it can be activated 3 Times.

Each lord/lady can only join a set amount!

During the event, you need to protect the Portal in the middle from waves of Fomorians. This can be done by occupying the 5 fortresses located around the portal.

During each wave, each of the 5 fortresses will be attacked by Fomorians

Any formorian that is not beaten by your defending troops will go on to deal damage to the Portal.

Once the Portal has 0% health remaining you have failed the event.

With each wave, the fomorians will get stronger.

There are a total of 30 waves maximum.


Each Week there will be a reset

------------Battle Mechanics------------

Merlin will provide you with troops.

When a wave is announced, you will see the number of Fomorians.

Each player defending a fortress only defends against one Fomorian each wave.

During one wave, you can move your troops between different fortresses.


The best is to reinforce each fortress with a minimum of Fomorians attacking.

It is possible to move between fortresses between one wave.

The march time is always 20mins, keep an eye on the Times.

------------Red Cap------------

Now and then Red Caps appear on the map.

There are no fixed rounds and locations.

They need to be killed for bonus rewards.

Tip: For this event, the combat boosts and march capacity are taken from the participating players.