Alliance Portal Event


------------Author: Dreamer of Worlds------------

Once the Alliance Portalis built, you may participate in the Portal Challenge Event for great rewards. All alliance members can donate Portal Dust to the Alliance Portal. Every donated Portal Dust gives 5 points. Once the total of 900 is reached and the Cooldown timer has expired, you may select a monster and open the portal. Once opened, the alliance has 30 minutes to kill the portal monster.

As your alliance has beats Portal Monsters, you get the chance to select a stronger monster. Sometimes it will be better to not go for the strongest if you don't have enough members online.

It is important to take the Portal Challenge into consideration when setting up your hive. Place strong rally leaders around the Alliance Portal. It is crucial your alliance is able to set and fill as many rallies as possible to do the necessary damage in the short time the Portal is open.

Since defense is not important for these type of events, go heavy on damage dealers.

There are two prizes. Victory Rewards are the same for everyone that either participates in the rallies or has donated Portal Dust (not all alliance members automatically receive the rewards). The Damage Rewards are only for those participating in the rallies and are based on the damage ranking. The more damage you deal, the better your rewards are.