Noble Badges


------------Author: Fairman the Heartbreaker------------


Noble Badges are an essential requirement in the game to raise certain building levels over level 30, namely, the 4 military buildings and the stronghold. A stronghold requires 1000 badges to upgrade per level beyond level 30 whereas military buildings individually require 300 badges per building level beyond level 30.

------------Where to get them------------

Badges currently are available through game packs, spirit altar ceremonies and celebrations, spires, fire lands rank rewards, and as a reward from opening level 4 noble chests.

------------Gathering Badges quicker------------

Noble badges can be gathered quickly through daily collection of maximum allowable purple chests, ensuring spirit altar’s weekly spirit celebrations are set to receive badges from the spirit rewards for your alliance and utilizing noble key packs for unlocking the noble chests. Usually, noble key packs and noble chests provide the fastest route for gathering noble badges.