Mega Rally & Mega Garisson


------------Author: Yseulte the Brave------------

------------What is a Mega Garrison?------------

A Mega Garrison allows one person to “Lead” a Garrison on a building and any other player who sends their troops to that building will gain the stats of the Garrison Leader.

------------How do I activate Mega Garrison?------------

First, you need to send troops to the building you would like to Garrison. Once your troops are there you can tap on the Building and select “View Details”. This will show the below screen were you can select “Activate Mega Garrison”

Once you activate Mega Garrison you will have to pay 2000 gold and it’ll last 4 hours.

------------What is a Mega Rally?------------

Similar to Mega Garrison, with a Mega Rally, all players will gain the Rally Leaders Stats.

------------How do I activate Mega Rally?------------

To activate a Mega Rally, ensure you are attacking another player, another alliances’ building, Avalon or the Towers. Once you select the Rally option, you will get the below screen. Simply tick the “Mega Rally” option to start a Mega Rally.

------------When to use Mega Rally/Garrison?------------

The most common time these types of Garrison and Rally are used is during Kingdom vs Kingdom, however, there is nothing from stopping you using this at any other time.


Mega Garrison Leaders can be changed in the Garrison Screen

Incoming Mega Rallies are noticeable with an icon above the march.

If you are not the Leader of a Garrison or Rally wearing 2 pieces of Warmonger help.

Warmonger Boots (+0) gives you 8% Wounded Conversion

Warmonger Ring (+0) gives you 4% Wounded Conversion