Kingdom Threat


------------Author: Qirhen the Mysterious One------------

Each week, a Golem is summoned in the kingdom. All players should work together to kill the golem.

Tip: Golem appears for 24 hrs & can be attacked anytime during this period.

You can attack the golem from the event center. Here, you can start an attack on the Golem and find the information about your position in the damage ranking.

Each time you hit the golem, you deal damage. Based on this damage you receive damage rewards.

Tip: The attacks are performed solo (not rally), with a maximum of 10 hits per player.

Hits on the Golem vary by march cap size, troop tier, & skills. Use a mix of bowman and cavalry (all tiers, but more of the higher level). Include 1000 infantry of each tier and 5000 tier 9 distance Siege (lower amounts for the lower-tier distance Siege). Do not use tower and ram siege troops. They are very slow and incremental damage is low. Infantry helps get higher damage on each golem hit.

Tip: The higher the march size, the more damage. Also, the use of Attack boosts can help. You can get special boosts & relics from the item store, inside your bag, under war or from inside your city by clicking on your castle & selecting city buff.

Dragon Skills flaming arrow II, III to lvl 19 & Calvary Claw I 22 & III 20 have a positive effect. Consider reassigning assault points to these dragon skills before participating in the Kingdom Threat event.