PvP March Composition


------------Author: Hero of Dominions & Hameline The Brute------------


There are four troop types, infantry, cavalry, bowmen and siege. Each have 12 possible tiers with each their own specific statistics.

------------March Formations:------------

There are three march formations that can be unlocked during your game play. These are found in the parade grounds and can be set for different purposes, such as for killing monsters or for attacking players. It is best to use all your tiers and all your types of troops for fighting other players, taking the majority from your strongest troops. Each player will need to adjust their troops according to their own strengths.

TIP: Infantry takes the most casualties, and are your best defenders. Bowman are best attacking, cavalry are fastest and siege are great for building.

------------March Capacity:------------

March Capacity is determined by your stronghold level. The larger the stronghold, the greater the march. Capacity can be increased through research, talent points, dragon skills, heroes, relics, and city buffs.

TIP: If you purchase the subscription you get an extra march Capacity of 1000.


There are four basic ways to strengthen your march: attack, defense, health, and damages. These can be increased through buildings, equipment, research, heroes, emblems, gemstones, artifacts, statues and city buffs.

TIP: Scout who you will attack before you do. Adjustments might need to be made to your march according to the report.