How to Train Troops


------------Author:Hero of Dominions------------

There are 5 buildings relevant for training troops: Barracks, Stables, Range and Siege Workshop. The level of the building influences which troops you can train. Each is associated with a troop type: Infantry, Cavalry, Bowmen and Siege.

The 5th building is the Military Tent. Military Tents influence the number of troops you can train and your training speed. For each Military Tent and for each level, the troop training speed increases by 0.5%. TIP: Build several Military Tents and upgrade all of them.

When you train a troop, it will cost you resources. The higher the level, the more resources it takes. Troops above level one eat food that exceeds the limit noted in your storehouse. The higher the troop, the more they eat. TIP: You can train your troops faster with the use of "Speedups". Click the building while training, and a speedup option will appear. Available to you are both 1 hour or 5-minute speedups.

TIP: You can also employ the use of a temporary relic called the training scepter. It will cut your training time by 20%.

Step 1: Tap the building and select "Train".

Step 2: Select the level troop you wish to train. Pay attention to how long it will take to train and what resources it will cost.

(If you select "Info" then,"More Info," it will show you the level required to train each different type of troop).