Fire Lands Event


------------Author: Joanette the Reliable------------

The Fire Lands is a bi-weekly event that is divided into 24 one-hour rounds. The first enrollment is on Friday at 09:00 UTC which starts at 10:00 UTC. The last enrollment is on Saturday 08:00 UTC for the final round at 09:00 UTC. You can only compete in one round and the enrollment fee is 100 gold.

The event requires a stronghold 19 or greater to enroll and the goal is to gather fossils from Ancient Dragon Nests. Unlike resource tiles, these are level 1 to 4 only and the higher the level the faster the gather rate; your economy stats do not add gather bonuses.

Fossil rewards are self-collected in the Event Center and are based on total gathered fossils. Ranking rewards are mailed after the event.

Hitting another march on a nest works the same as hitting tiles in your kingdom. In addition, everyone receives a limited number of free ports and march speeds that scale in cost after. Any troops lost are sent to the kingdom hospital and are healed instantly at the conclusion of the event. You can port home or check your rank anytime.