Discover Alliance Treasures!


Throughout the history of Avalon, many Kings have ruled the land. However, time ends all reigns. Now the only trace that remains of them is the treasure they hoarded.

There could be rare and amazing treasures buried anywhere in the Kingdom. Explore your Alliance territory and discover the legendary riches that lie beneath!

The new Alliance Event: [ALLIANCE TREASURE HUNT] has been launched!

Join the event to win huge amounts of Nether Hero Fragments - plus the Dragon Flame Orb, used to evolve your Dragon!

Event Entrance: ALLIANCE TREASURE HUNT icon in the upper right corner of main interface.

Event Duration: March 4 - March 7

1. During the event, recharge to receive Individual Rewards including Netherfall Hero Fragments and Dragon Flame Orbs.

2. If you're in an Alliance, recharging earns your Alliance Treasure Hunt Points, and increases your Alliance's progress. Reaching certain progression levels will unlock Alliance rewards for all members.

3. During the event, Lords will be bound to the Alliance they are in and only recharges performed while in that Alliance advance the Hunt Progress. Leaving the Alliance or joining another Alliance won't earn points. Return to your original Alliance to resume the Alliance Treasure Hunt. You can still receive Individual Rewards after leaving or joining another Alliance.

4. During the event, Alliances can't be disbanded.

5. After the event finishes, all unclaimed rewards will be sent via Mail.

Call on your allies to join in on the Alliance Treasure Hunt!