Get the Luck of the Irish!


St Patrick's Day is coming and there could be a pot of gold waiting for all Lords, so everyone should get ready! Participate in St. Patrick's Day events and get the Leprachaun's great riches!

St. Patrick's Day

Event Duration: March 8 - March 14

There's no drink a Leprechaun loves more than Dark Beer! Join the [St. Patrick's Day] event to win luxurious rewards in The Brewery by killing Monsters, rallying Barbarian Camps and gathering resources outside your Stronghold.

Join the Lucky Clover event or purchase bundles to win Clovers that can be exchanged for great rewards in the Clover Shop.

Lucky Clover

Event Duration: March 8 - March 14

Get the Leprechaun's fortune! Complete various quests for the Leprechaun and win huge rewards! Good luck!

The time has come! St. Patrick's Day celebrations are here now!