To all Lords


New challenges are coming to Nether War. Destruction, plagues, impending doom - get ready! Only the mightiest Lords will dominate the battlefield and claim the final victory!

Netherfall Season 2 is coming soon, and this time SUPPORT will be much more important!

The Support event has been launched, just invest a small amount of Netherfall Silver Coins to participate in the SUPPORT event and cheer for the Alliance you support.

If the Alliance you support wins the round, you'll win back many more Netherfall Coins than you spent supporting them!

At the beginning of each round, Lords can share the Support event on Kingdom Chat to call on more Lords to support their favorite Alliance, and share in the rewards.

Event Entrance: Event Center - Netherfall - Battle Support & Season Shop - Battle Support

Event Duration: Matchmaking Stage of every round.

3 battles will be randomly selected from those in which TOP 100 Alliances are participating. The Support Lists will be announced during the Matchmaking Stage.

Lords can choose 1 battle from those 3 and support an Alliance by investing a certain amount of Netherfall Silver Coins.

Supported Alliances will be told that the number of supporters will be displayed on the Matching Board, and regularly updated.

When the round is over, Lords who supported the winning Alliance will receive congratulations and rewards by mail.

Warriors in the Netherfall need your SUPPORT, join in by cheering them on!