To Netherfall Fighters


Netherfall Season 2 is about to begin, time to learn about the new challenges you'll be facing!

Handy Battlefield Thumbnail

Observe all changes on the Netherfall battlefield with a handy mini thumbnail.

Click the upper right corner of interface in the Nether battle to open the thumbnail, you can check your location and the occupation of Nether buildings there.

At the same time, when you choose any location in the thumbnail, the main interface will be moved there too, which makes teleporting, scouting and fighting easier.

Battlefield ALL Chat

There's a mighty new weapon in the Netherfall: words.

A free Battlefield ALL Chat channel has been opened. You can communicate with your opponents here, but remember to be polite.

Rally Bubble

You won't have to worry about missing an important rally, because the Rally Bubble is coming!

When a rally is launched, the rally leader's Stronghold will be marked with a special bubble on the Kingdom Map. You can enter the rally interface by simply clicking the bubble.

This season will be the hardest one yet, are you ready?