Alliance Siege Has Begun!


Lords may have noticed some major changes to the Kingdom Map: eight Kingdom Castles are coming to Avalon!

The eight Kingdom Castles represent eight different desires, leading to a new clash: the Alliance Siege has begun! Participate in the Siege, occupy the eight Castles and win huge rewards!

Preparation & Registration

The 20 strongest Alliances in the Kingdom will vote on when the event happens. The Alliance Siege will last for 3 hours.

Every Alliance can select 1 or 2 Castles as their targets. Each Castle offers different rewards, so make sure to choose the ones with the rewards you want!


The Alliance Siege will last for 3 hours. The Alliance that occupies a Castle for 30 minutes will be the Castle Dominator.


Occupying a Castle can bring you huge rewards. In addition to the regular rewards for all members of the occupying Alliance, different Castles will also hold one of four rare items: Royal Badges, Intensity Crystals (V), Philosopher's Stones and Tomes of War.

The first Alliance Siege will start on April 22. Get ready for war!