Ultimate Alliance Conquest: Part 2


------------Author: Dreamer of Worlds------------


When the event starts you can teleport for free to any of the kingdoms of the alliances your alliance is matched up with.When you are done in a kingdom you can go back Home (by selecting Home in the interface).You can only attack your target alliance.All troops lost during battles will end up in the Kingdom Hospital, this includes the troops lost while attacking or defending alliance buildings.Troops in the Kingdom Hospital can be healed without using resources.You cannot loot anyone's resources.You can only Defend or Plunder one Alliance Building at time.

------------Alliance Building Buffs------------

When you look at the Details menu after the Clarent Ore menu, you will see which combat buffs apply for the defending and plundering alliances. These are determined by how much the Clarent Ore is over or below the initial capacity of 100k.Also the plundering speed becomes lower the less Clarent Ore is in a building and higher when there is an over capacity.

------------Alliance Points and Rewards------------

The goal for the Alliance is to score as much points as possible. Every 60 seconds the amount of Clarent Ore that each alliance has will result in points for the alliance.

The Alliance will get rewards based on the ranking, which can be distributed to individual players by the r5.There are also individual rewards that everyone that particated will get based on the alliance ranking.