An undead Dragon rises again!


Legends of Avalon tell of mighty Dragons whom even death cannot stop.

The soul of the Dragon is eternal, even when its flesh becomes nothing more than dust, its bones remain imbued with fearsome power.

After looking into these legends, Merlin himself has created a Stronghold guarded by the legendary Death Drake!

None can resist its undying power!

Join the Dragon Chest event and spin the wheel to win rare rewards. But that's not all...

If you earn 2000 points or more and become one of the Top 10 Lords on the leaderboard for your Kingdom, you'll receive a permanent Death Drake Temple Stronghold Skin! If you're powerful enough to join the Top 10 on the leaderboard for all Kingdoms, you'll receive a permanent Legendary Death Drake Stronghold Skin!

Event Duration: 4.24 00:00 UTC - 4.29 00:00 UTC

Tap the [Dragon Chest] icon on the main interface to join the event.