The Friendship Star is Shining!


No matter what events shake Avalon, its knights can always count on friendship to ride them through.

None show the legendary power of friendship more than King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table.

Friendship between allies is the sharpest blade and strongest shield you can find on the battlefield.

My Lord, who is your most loyal companion in the Kingdom?

The Friendship Star event is beginning now, so collect gifts and send them to your friends!

Every day when you finish event quests or purchase bundles, you can also receive gift items. You can join the event and rise in the Leaderboards by sending these gifts to other Lords or receiving gifts from them.

You can send gifts by:

1. Tapping another Lord's City and selecting the GIVEAWAY button you see there.

2. Tapping the GIVEAWAY button next to the Lord's info on the Leaderboards.

3. Tapping the Lord's Portrait in Chat and tapping the GIVEAWAY button in the popup window.

Join the event and become the true Friendship Star!