Ultimate Alliance Conquest: Part 1


------------Author: Dreamer of Worlds------------

------------What is the Ultimate Alliance Conquest(UAC)?------------

●The Ultimate Alliance Conquest gives a possibility to get experience with combat, alliance vs alliance, without the risk of losing all your troops. Testing your strength against Alliances from other kingdoms.


●This event is held every two weeks and five days before it starts the r5 of an alliance can register the alliance to participate in the Event Center. An alliance can only register if they are in the top 10 of their kingdom, have at least 30 active members in the past 7 days, have at least 50000000 power and to have at least alliance level 10.


●From the alliances that participate your alliance will be matched up with alliances from other kingdoms similar in power.

●From the alliances that participate, your alliance will be matched up with six other alliances from other kingdoms that are similar in power.

------------Clarent Ore------------

●At the start of the event the fortress, alliance towers and dragon altar of all alliances will be filled with 100k Clarent Ore. Your main goal is to plunder Clarent Ore by occupying enemy buildings in their kingdom and protect yours by defending your buildings. Having troops garrison a building in a conventional way does not prevent the Clarent Ore from being plundered. Any Clarent Ore taken by you in another kingdom will be automatically added to your own Alliance Buildings.