Dominate the Flames!


Harness the power of a creatures as ancient as Dragons, born with eternal life.

She is the master of fire and flames, always reborn from the ashes.

This legendary bird usually stays far removed from human affairs. However...

With Morgana's evil spreading across the land, the Phoenix has flown into battle!

Harness the Phoenix to ignite your Stronghold with mystic power, thanks to the Rising Phoenix Stronghold Skin!

Join the Dragon Chest event and spin the wheel to win rare rewards. But that's not all...

If you earn 2000 points or more, and become one of the Top 10 Lords on the leaderboard for your Kingdom, you'll receive a permanent Rising Phoenix Stronghold Skin! If you're powerful enough to join the Top 10 on the leaderboard for all Kingdoms, you'll receive a permanent Legendary Rising Phoenix Stronghold!

Event Duration: 5.22 00:00 UTC - 5.27 00:00 UTC

Click the [Dragon Chest] icon on the main interface to join the event.