Anniversary Celebration - Forged by Gamers!


You may still hold faint memories of a younger self from 3 years ago, standing in the Hall of Champions marveling at the powerful Lords who once held authority over Avalon.

You certainly won't have forgotten the Grand Ceremony of 2 years ago, the Ultimate Alliance Conquest and the glorious fighting that resounded throughout the Kingdom.

And you doubtlessly remember the Anniversary Rally that happened only a year ago: challenging Morgana's Anniversary Golem and sharing the KoA Story with your fellow Lords.

Time's furnace and the heat of battle has forged many a mighty Lord. The 4th Celebration is just around the corner, come join the Anniversary events and participate in an unforgettable moment of Avalon's history!

Sweet Tooth - Assemble a Birthday Cake! Prepare a delicious birthday cake for the 4th Celebration and share this joyous day with Lords from across the Kingdom. But don’t forget...only the most resolute Lord will win the exclusive accolade of Master Baker!

Photo Contest - The past four years have been full of incredible moments. Share some of your happiest Avalon memories with other Lords from all over the world! What splendid photos will be submitted this year?

Celebration Calendar - A long awaited feast deserves some patience! Log in every day for 2 weeks and, when the Celebration comes, you will be rewarded with a unique Anniversary decoration!

Midsummer Fireworks - Set off celebratory Fireworks to light up the vast skies over Avalon! A most precious gift is hidden among these cheerful explosions...

Are you ready? Let the Celebrations begin!