Assemble a KoA Birthday Cake!


King of Avalon's Anniversary Celebration is about to begin, and it's the ideal time to embark on a Birthday Cake quest!

The Sweet Tooth event is coming. Find lost pieces of the KoA Birthday Cake and join in the festivities with Lords from across the Kingdoms!

Event Duration: June 13 - June 18

Event Entrance: Event Center - Sweet Tooth

Complete Daily Quests to receive pieces of Cake. Use them to assemble a Birthday Cake and earn great gifts!

Each time a Birthday Cake reaches the next stage, all Lords who helped to assemble it will receive glorious rewards.

Use Cake Slices to earn Individual Contribution Points. Lords with the highest Contribution Points will enter the Leaderboard, and Lords who rank in the top 100 will receive Rank Rewards. Lords with the same number of Individual Contribution Points will be ranked based on who reaches that rank first.

Put Together Avalon's Birthday Cake!