Merlin's Trials


------------Author: The Eternal History Grower------------

------------Where are Merlin's Trials Located?------------

- Merlin's Trials are located outside of your fortress wall in the ship floating on the river, It is unlocked after reaching Stronghold 15.

- Progress made during each trial does not reset. You are awarded a prize after each stronghold beaten and a larger prize at the end of each Trial Path. Certain paths 6, 9, and 12 give an additional accolade upon completion that can be used to boost stats, found under player profile and Accolades.

- Once the day is over, rewards are given based on progress made in the previous days trial. If no more progress can be made, additional packages may appear after defeat for purchase that can help you progress further in that days trials.

------------Daily Trials------------

Each day provides a set of challenges that can only be done on that day.

Sunday: Hero (Uses only heroes assigned in hero council)

Monday: Equipment

Tuesday: Dragon

Wednesday: Combo (Uses equipment + Gem stats)

Thursday: Research

Friday: Gemstone

Saturday: Artifact and Building

------------Trials Shop------------

While in Merlin's Trials, pressing “Redeem” will bring up the Trials Shop.

This is where earned Merlins coins can be exchanged for items such as speedups, hero fragments, equipment items, dragon items, and more! Each item has a limit of how many times it can be purchased and once all quantity has been purchased it will not be available until the reset timer is over.