King of Avalon 4th Anniversary Special Photo Contest!


This is a special year, and KoA is dedicated to making each anniversary feel unique for every player. For this Photo Event we wanted to make something special and promote public safety.

The Lords of Avalon are natural leaders, and this is the perfect chance to show others how to play safe this year with a unique photo contest.

Event Duration:

* The event begins on June 25th and will end on July 7th 23:59 UTC (Once the event begins you will be able to join by tapping the "Join Contest" button below.)

* From the 25th to the 1st you will be able to upload your picture and vote for your favorite. Once the upload period has concluded, you will still be able to vote until the July 7th.

* The final results will be published in-game by system mail on July 10th. Rewards will be sent on the same day.


- Every player who uploads their photo and respects the rules above will be rewarded with 7-day Anniversary Castle Skin x1, Gift Envelope x1 and Anniversary Chest x1.

- We will chose our 300 favorite submissions and reward them with 14-day Anniversary Castle Skin x1, Anniversary Accolade x1, Gift Envelope x1 and Anniversary Chest x5.

- We will chose the 20 best submissions and reward them with permanent Anniversary Castle Skin x1, Anniversary Accolade x1, Gift Envelope x1 and Anniversary Chest x10.

- During the event, we will select our favorite pictures and post them on Facebook. Be ready to be surprised by the masterpieces Lords of Avalon can create!

How Can I Join?

* Upload and submit 1 of the following types of pictures through the "Join Now" button:

- A picture of you, or your friend, or family (pet?) playing King of Avalon in a funny place!

- A visual art creation for King of Avalon's birthday (drawing, cake, sculpture, etc.)!

- Cosplay of your favorite KoA character.

- Take A selfie holding and showing your KoA game on one hand and wearing A protective facemask.

- Customize your mask with KoA elements (Kingdom number, Dragon, etc.) and Take A selfie.

* Off-topic pictures won’t be rewarded.

* Only players whose pictures are successfully uploaded and approved can get rewards.

* Only pictures submitted in-game before July 1st will be taken into consideration.

* Only 1 submission per player. Content copied from the internet or other players will be disqualified.

* Screenshots of the game will be rejected.

Good Luck!

Merlin & The KoA Team