Royal Arena


------------Author: Samm the Outsider------------

In royal arena the troops you use are provided by merlin and have no effect on your city troops.

Your troop level is based on the highest level of troops you have unlocked and your march capacity.

Upon opening royal arena, you will need to set your defending troops which are supposed to be at your maximum march capacity.

Once that is done you can check your rank.

Rank starts from bronze through master III and upgrades as you get more trophies. Higher rank provides resources faster with greater protection and storage limit.

Ranks have daily rewards and seasonal rewards awarded after the season ends. Daily rewards are ready to collect every day.

You can send troops to loot other lords’ resources and winning gets you ranking trophies.

When you are looted you will lose resources that are not protected but you can’t lose trophies.

If your looting troops are defeated recovery time is added and are forced into a cooldown where you can’t loot other lords’.

Upgrade troop buildings to unlock more advanced troops.

Do march capacity research to increase your march capacity size for royal arena.

Always make sure you refresh after the cooldown period is over so that you can loot more trophies.