Magic Spire


------------Author: Fairman the Heartbreaker------------


Players gain access to the magic spires once you reach stronghold 16. This allows you to reap daily rewards by mining spire crystals. The spire consists of 18 floors. Climbing to the next floor requires defeating the floor monster through usage of troops provided by game. Floor 1 and 2 provide crystal gathering areas which can be reset at the player’s convenience. Floors above 2 provide areas where a player can either seek a free crystal mine or attack an occupied mine to gather from it.

------------Purchasing Perks------------

Upon defeating a monster on a floor, players get the option to purchase benefits which enhance player combat buffs. A total of 19 boosts are available for purchase. One buff restores march capacity at a fixed cost per floor while the other 18 increase per floor level climbed.

------------Revenge System------------

The spire provides a revenge system to regain any crystals lost in a defeat when your mine is attacked by another player. To do this, players can click on the battle logs of spires showcasing defeats and attempt to regain crystals by clicking on revenge.

------------Rewards and tips------------

Spire rewards are purchasable from mined crystals and provide an optimum option to upgrade dragon, accessible resources, gather badges and boost stats through gem frags and other options. For gathering perks, it’s advisable to be boosted while exploring the spires and mining with march buffs and combat buffs activated which are applicable through each reset of spires via selecting the preffered option post reset period.