Excalibur War & Invasion Events


------------Author: Yseulte the Brave------------

------------How to Capture Avalon------------

To capture Avalon, you must Garrison the building for 8 consecutive hours or be the Kingdom who has held it the longest over a 24 hour time period.


titles can be handed out by the King. Players may only hold one title. There are 8 Knight titles which give an increase to stats and 7 Fools titles giving a reduction in stats.

------------King Powers------------

The King has access to a unique set of skills. These can be seen in the Great Hall and include skills such as; Forced Teleport and Attack Ban. All skills have a cooldown period and require Royal Coins.

------------Royal Packages------------

These can be awarded to players by the King. There are 3 tiers of packages. The more Kingdoms you own, the more packs can be handed out. You can see these by tapping on Avalon -> titles -> Royal Packages


If the alliance garrisoning towers is different from the alliance in Avalon, the towers will periodically kill troops in Avalon outright.

------------Black Forest------------

If you are attacked in the Black Forest, you will be immediately teleported to a random location on the map. If you are attacked whilst in another Kingdom, you will be teleported back to your home Kingdom to a random location.

Sending a march through the Black Forest will slow your march and take longer to get to the destination.