Challenge of Courage? Accepted!


Halloween is one of the most beloved festivals in Avalon, people begin their preparations early by paying homage to the heroic spirits of the past and hoping to inherit their bravery.

The Spooky Party is an exceedingly popular celebratory event.

Lords mix a variety of strange ingredients into the candy, no one knows what pleasant surprise (or fright!) they might contain.

The lonely Scarecrow posted in the wheat fields is the best target for those who want to test their nerve. When you're passing through farmland late at night, you're bound to hear bloodcurdling screams, but who knows whether these cries come from someone who has failed the test of their courage, or from the empty-eyed Scarecrow itself!

The Spooky Party event has begun! During the event, kill Monsters, rally Barbarian Camps, and gather Resources to earn Weird Candy that can be exchanged for amazing rewards in the Candy Shop.

Join the Medal of Courage event or purchase bundles to win Scarecrows that can be exchanged for incredible rewards including the Intensity Crystal (VI) and Ogre Eye in the Spooky Shop.

Event Entrance: Main Interface - Spooky Party

Event Duration: October 5th - October 11th