Accept Jack's Pumpkin Challenge!


Every year when Halloween approaches, a ghost named Jack roams the Kingdom looking for a masterpiece: a Perfect Jack-O'-Lantern.

Long ago Jack lost a deal with the devil and was cursed to wander as a floating ember, only finding a resting place in Halloween pumpkins. Participate in the Pumpkin Carver event to provide a suitable lantern for Jack, and he'll reward you handsomely!

Join the PUMPKIN CARVING event to make the Perfect Jack-O'-Lantern!

During the event, complete daily quests to receive Pumpkins. Carve the Pumpkins to earn splendid rewards!

Each time the event reaches the next stage in its growth, all Lords who attended will receive phenomenal gifts!

Carve Pumpkins to earn Individual Contribution Points. Lords with the highest Contribution Points will join the Leaderboards. Lords who rank in the top 100 will receive Rank Rewards.

Event Entrance: Event Center - PUMPKIN CARVING

Event Duration: October 17th - October 22nd