5.5.0 Update Announcement


What's New:

- New system: War Strategy System! Tap Hall of War then accesses Library of War to check all strategies! Activation of strategies will bring various benefits for corresponding troops.

- New system: News Center! Tap News Center, you will find the latest important announcements and specialized DIY contents, which includes but not limited to the game FAQ, player story sharing. Now, this function is still under test, will only open for some kingdoms first.


- Optimized Alliance spell "Doom Flame": Doom Flame will take effect on the target that the damage is finally cast.

- Optimized Alliance spell "Teleport Freeze": Freezed target cannot use teleport items in Ultimate Alliance Conquest and Excalibur Invasion.

- Optimized Scout report: Add scout target's Artifact attributes in Scout report.

- Add War Scroll as a reward of Royal Arena.

When the new version becomes available, you can update to it on the App Store or Google Play to experience these fantastic new features! Because the update release time can vary between App Stores in different countries, there may be a slight delay for some iOS users. Thanks for your patience!

See you on the battlefield!

Merlin and the KoA team