Join the Pilgrim's Journey!


After receiving an abundant autumn harvest, the people of Avalon never forget the gods who gave them shelter.

People accompany each other on foot to the holy mountain where the gods are enshrined, to offer thanksgiving for the harvest, praying for peace and prosperity in the coming year.

On the way, people pluck cobs of corn in the fields and wear pilgrim hats representing their history and culture.

The Providence's Blessing event has begun! During the event, kill Monsters, rally Barbarian Camps, and gather Resources to earn Ripe Corn that can be exchanged for amazing rewards in the Plenty Shop.

Join the Thanksgiving & Harvest event or purchase bundles to win Pilgrim Hats that can be exchanged for incredible rewards in the Providence Shop.

Event Entrance: Main Interface - Providence's Blessing

Event Duration: November 4th - November 10th