Turkey's Concert Invitation


Thanksgiving Day has come and a special Concert is on!

The protagonist of the Concert is Thanksgiving's busiest creature, the one who can be seen on the dining table of every Lord. Of course: it's the Thanksgiving Turkey!

Thanksgiving Turkey!

Use Feathers to conduct the Turkey's tunes, when the Concert reaches certain stages, Lords will receive luxurious rewards including an exclusive Thanksgiving March Skin.

Entrance: Event Center - Turkey Concert

Event Duration: 11.26 - 11.30

Meanwhile, twisted by Morgana's evil magic, some Turkeys have become hideously large.

When killing monsters or barbarians, there is a certain chance of obtaining a Turkey Summon Scroll. Summon the Giant Turkey, rally to slay it, and you will win a special Thanksgiving Chest!

When the Turkey Concert event is closed, the remaining Feathers and Turkey Summon Scrolls will be recycled and exchanged for resource chests.

If a Giant Turkey is killed after the event, Lords will not receive a Thanksgiving Chest reward.

Enjoy the Turkey Concert and drive evil from the land!