Receive a Cornucopia!


Every year when Thanksgiving Day arrives, Avalonians pack their harvested fruits and vegetables into horns, creating the so-called horns of plenty with the name "Cornucopia."

In addition, they send the Cornucopias to each other as a symbol of of goodwill and gratitude.

Now the Horn of Plenty event has begun, join in the fun and send Cornucopias to your favorite Lords!

Every day when you finish event quests or purchase Bundles, you can receive Cornucopias! You can join the event and rise in the Leaderboards by sending Cornucopias to your fellow Lords or receiving Cornucopias from them. The top Lords in the Leaderboards will win phenomenal rewards including an exclusive Accolade!

When you receive a certain quantity of Cornucopias, a special decoration will be activated above your Stronghold so that you can display your glory to the world, the top 3 Lords on the Leaderboard will receive an even more spectacular decoration!

Event Entrance: Main Interface - Horn of Plenty

Event Duration: November 27th - November 30th