Joy to the World: Christmas is Here!


As the Christmas season kicks off, Avalonians are immersed in preparing for the joyous celebrations. Have you discovered some fantastic changes to the Stronghold?

Christmas Calendar

The Stronghold is decorated with the spirit of Christmas! There is a surprise hidden on a special Christmas tree in the Rural Area: click it to open the Christmas Calendar and claim holiday gifts every day!

Note: You must claim the reward by the specified date or it will expire.

Christmas Advent

During the event, kill Monsters, rally Barbarian Camps, and gather Resources to earn Christmas Bells that you can exchange for amazing rewards in the Jingling Shop.

Join the Frost Holiday event or purchase Bundles to win Christmas Wreaths that can be exchanged for incredible rewards in the Wreath Shop.

Azure Gallery

The Treasures under the frost have been revealed! Visit the Azure Gallery to exchange exclusive Stronghold decorations with Azure Essence!

Let's celebrate the coming of Christmas!