Alliances Features


------------Author: Joanette the Reliable------------

Joining an alliance can help you grow in many ways. Not only can allies speed your timers, but by donating resources to Tech, the entire alliance gains skills. Donating also rewards honor points to use in the Alliance Store and it levels the alliance which is required to unlock more buildings.

The Alliance Fortress is the center of your territory and the first building you can place. It offers benefits as long as you’re within it’s zone and building Alliance Towers increases its size. Other buildings can be placed inside this zone such as; the Alliance Hospital for extra wounded troop capacity, and a Storehouse to protect some resources from pillaging.

Some buildings are interactive. The Portal unlocks an alliance monster event, whereas the Dragon Altar allows you to cast spells. By building a Spirit Altar you can run ceremonies and complete celebrations for lots of free goodies.

You can trade unneeded items with alliance members for items you do need via the Goods Exchange. Socialize in Alliance chat or send a mail to everyone in your alliance with one button click. Take care of your allies and they will take care of you.