Spirit Altar Part 2


------------Author: Rosemond of the West------------

------------Alliance Celebration------------

Alliance members earn points which unlock chests

Celebration chests contain both alliance and individual rewards

Lords can achieve a set amount of points each week

Spirit Stature and Ceremony Crystal earnings are limited weekly

Celebration Points are reset every Monday

Spirits summoned determine the alliance rewards.

Once a Spirit is summoned, it can not be changed until reset.

Alliance members may earn points and unlock chests, but can’t open them until the Spirit is summoned.

------------Spirit Achievements------------

After building the Spirit Altar, Alliance members can use it to earn special Achievements as well as earn both Alliance and Individual rewards. Related Achievements can only be earned and logged while the Spirit Altar exists.

------------The Spirit Shop------------

To get to the Spirit Store you are able to either type on "Spirit Store" next to the amount of Coins in the Spirit Altar or via the Alliance Icon (next to your Items), scroll down and click on the Spirit Store.

The Spirit Store works like the Alliance Store. You can trade Spirit Coins for rewards in the Spirit Store.