Greetings Lords!

A few weeks ago, in order to better understand your needs and opinions, we conducted a survey on event optimization and bug fixes. With your feedback, we have looked into various possibilities and formulated a development plan for the KoA team in the next few months. We will share with you more detail in this Development Diary.

1. Portal Challenge Optimization

According to the survey results, Portal Challenge is one of the most popular events that players requested be optimized. Therefore, optimization of this event will be one of the main directions of our development over the next few months.

On the one hand, we will strive to make the gameplay more fun, challenging, and refreshing. On the other hand, rewards will be adjusted to better meet your needs.

To ensure the best quality, the overhauled Portal Challenge is expected to be released in late August or early September. The specific version delivering this update will be announced in the following Development Diaries as the development progresses.

2. UAC Event Return

The return of the UAC Event has also been commonly requested by Lords. UAC is not compatible with the current Territory gameplay, so a complete re-design will be needed for its return. However, it will be worth the effort as we know that it is a great event. Therefore, we have listed the return of the UAC Event as another focus of our development in the coming months.

We hope that the returned UAC will meet your expectations. We will have to put a good amount of time to "redesign, test, and optimize." It is expected that the event will be launched in mid-to-late October. At present, we are finalizing the modification plan and will communicate any future progress via the Development Diary.

3. Kingdom Merge

After the last Development Diary, many players had the misunderstanding that there would no longer be any form of Kingdom Merge in the future.

The purpose of Kingdom Merge is for everyone to have an improved experience in the game. We will continue to observe the situation in each kingdom and implement corresponding measures as necessary, which may vary for each case. Currently, more data is needed to determine a viable plan. The timeline has been initially set for the end of September. At that time, we will communicate with you regarding whether or not a specific Kingdom is in need of merge, and the specific timetable and methods. After that, we will exchange this information with players every three months. We appreciate your patience as we work on this.

4. Mega Garrison Optimization

In order to simplify control and to prevent players from losses due to an inability to activate Mega Garrison under certain circumstances (such as network delays, freezing, etc.), we have optimized the Mega Garrison mechanism, which will be implemented in the 11.4.2 version.

The detail of the optimization is as follows: 1. When you initiate a Mega Rally against a building owned by the enemy (such as a throne or tower in Excalibur Invasion; a building in Nether War; an alliance territory building, etc.), if the battle is won, a Mega Garrison of the building will be automatically activated, and the rally owner will become its leader. 2. This auto Mega Garrison only lasts 3 minutes. During this period, you can do the same as before: tap on the "Reset Time" or "Change Leader" button and initiate a 4-hour Mega Garrison by expending Gold. 3. This auto Mega Garrison will send out a mail reminder summarizing the situation in detail. 4. Special note A: This effect is only effective for the battle where the attack occurred. If your alliance launched multiple Mega Rallies on the same target, once the first Mega Rally has won the battle, all subsequent Mega Rallies will automatically turn into reinforcements and will not additionally activate or refresh the Mega Garrison. 5. Special note B: If the enemy troops in the Mega Rally target are disbanded before you arrive, making the building empty and resulting in no battles for your Mega Rally, the auto Mega Garrison will still be applied for 3 minutes.

We will communicate regarding the development and optimization progress of the above events with you in a timely manner, and we welcome your feedback along the way. We will continue to work hard to meet your expectations, and also discuss and analyze other matters brought up in your feedback, eventually incorporating them into our development plan.